We Started working on this project in 2009 during this we take detail survey with the individual/user/consumers all over India. We conduct our meeting with Indian oil Marketing companies HP, Bharat petrol, Reliance, SSAR etc.

We Present as Technology to the officials of Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of rural Development, and Ministry of commerce & Industries. Different state Authorities with all collective efforts & support of all.

These we came to conclusion to launch in India as well as Asian Market. We also concluded great demand of this Technology with India Railway and India Defiance also. We accept our business model will serve the people especially at hilly areas—like Jammu, HP, Northeast state etc.

It will give great advantages to farmers & people who lives in rural areas. It will be great scope of this equipment in urban areas. Where land cost has become very high and people have to be quad for filling their vehicle.

In panel we target these equipments to many countries to generate foreign currency for India. We have target to give employment to about 50 thousand youth (Technical & Non Technical) in coming 3 to 5 years.

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